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3 years - 5 years



Grade 1-2

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Our Approach

Scholarshine Montessori provides individualized education that is child-centered and emphasizes independence, hands-on learning, and individualized instruction. It uses a prepared environment with carefully designed materials, mixed-age classrooms, and teacher guidance. The approach values practical life skills, respects each child's unique qualities, and fosters curiosity and independence

What Parents Think

Well rounded curriculum, personalized care

My 5-year-old daughter has been attending this school since August 2021 and she has had a great experience both academically and socially. The curriculum is very well-rounded and the teachers (Ms. Aarti and Ms. Haranthi) all provide personalized care/guidance to the students. As a result, my daughter has grown tremendously in her reading/math skills and is clearly ahead of where her older sister (who attended public pre-school and kindergarten) was at her age. Her teachers also do a great job maintaining a respectful and fun classroom environment, and it's obvious that the children all get along with each other quite well. The other teachers who help with before/after school care, Ms. Dogra the office manager, and Ms. Richa all deserve a shout-out as well for making LFMS a welcoming place that parents trust.

Thomas L.

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