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Citing the child's staggering capacity to learn, Maria Montessori stated that 'Education should begin at birth.' In fact, current research on the infant brain concurs that the first year of a baby's life lays a critical foundation for all future learning. This finding carries profound implications for what we should do for our babies, both at home and in school.


  • Motor Skill Development– grasping, clutching, movement, tossing, catching, rolling, crawling, walking

  • Sensory Development– touching, feeling, listening

  • Language Development– reading time, speech development

  • Music and Movement– dancing, singing, outdoor play

  • Shapes and Colors– identifying and forming shapes

  • Artistic Development– art and construction projects

  • Play and Rest

Enrichment Programs


Spanish and Mandarin classes


Sewing, craft and painting


Ethnic dances

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